Aster crowley patreon 4chan

Aster crowley patreon 4chan

Hi! You seem to enjoy cute asks, how about RFA/V/Saeran sharing bed with MC for the firstest time? First is always special; will they be super nervous and self-conscious? Spend a sleepless night afraid their love might stop breathing? (happened to me once!) Or just immediately relax and cuddle all.Patreon has been key to stabilizing my income so that I can achieve that goal, and I send out fun perks to my patrons each month: stickers, fridge magnets, notecards and art prints. It would mean a lot to me if you’d join my Patreon!52+23+32+55+60 !! (Oml thats kinda alot 😅 ) maybe with renjun or doyoung with them being the no emotion goodie two shoes in school/ college ( depends on who obvs ) and the readee is the first to approach them wanting to be friends or something along them lines ~~ angsts fluff or just fluff i dont.Hi Pon! I’ve been reading through your stuff and it’s been really helpful! I’m in high school and trying to figure out my gender and it’s really confusing and scary but also nice? And all your mtf and female body characters (I think I’m mtf?) give me hope and you’re amazing and I just.I just got a phone call telling me I was not picked for my dream job this afternoon. So I'm here with my box of chocolates crying and begging you to maybe write a little paragraph of azira an crowley being sweet? If nothing flows it's no big deal I'll still adore you Oh, I am so so so sorry to hear.How dose this all work? I mean for example i donate you for 1 dollar and i ask for a request. How is this working? Can i decide who's drawing it or? Im a bit lost there, because do i need to send in this request a ref too? Im sry for asking this hope it isnt a bother and btw, can you draw dragon's.I keep thinking about how henry cavill had to taper off water for like three days before shooting any shirtless scene in the witcher and how chris evans pretty much did the same thing playing cap, and honestly hearing that full-on broke any sense of attraction I’ve ever had for that kind of definition on a guy.Hi there, I’m Aster Crowley, or just Aster_C I'm an adult illustrations artist. Even though I have some years of experience with this, I still consider myself an amateur, due to a lack of formal or professional education. Regardless, I believe that I’m doing a pretty decent job. Why patreon?Just a reminder that Varric grew up taking care of his alcoholic mother and staving off her drunken rages while Bartrand was off making money and throwing parties. Just a reminder that Varric was emotionally abused and toyed with by his ex-girlfriend. Just a reminder that Varric apologizes even when. Aster crowley patreon 4chan.

greek mythology woof i had a sudden inspiration surge and was itching to draw this before anything else i know Athena was born AFTER the whole Cronus debacle but i feel it would make for a far more impactful and true to her character story if she was the oldest of Zeus' children existing and fighting by his side against the rest of the world Aster crowley patreon 4chan.Mutter Giselle hatte teilweise Recht: Wo Dorian auftauchte gab es Action. Nur sah ich es weniger negativ. Doch dann übergab ich diesen Brief an Dorian persönlich und meine leicht amüsierte Stimmung schwang um in Sorge. Ich muss dazu sagen, Dorian gefiel mir. Er war schlagfertig im wörtlichen und.ChenQing saw how no one believed its master’s words, and then when its master was gone ChenQing had to witness the world spread rumors and lies about their master. so, ChenQing lost faith in words. That’s why ChenQing doesn’t like to talk It took awhile but here! Seriously, I love that there.i really don’t get the appeal of overpowered characters. and i don’t mean, like, women who can do anything, or original characters who are more skilled in something than a canon character. i’m talking about characters who are designed to win every battle, to be stronger than everyone, to be.“Sometimes, I suppose… I suppose it’s his way of showing he cares for me, that he loves me. Although, honestly, his kind of love is not the one that you could really describe as such. Nor is it the one that you’ll see displayed on your everyday life or on movies too.” a small smile tugged.It’s not the first thing people notice about her, usually. The first thing is generally that she’s young, and female, and lovely–the first thing people notice about their entire party is that they’re all young, and female, and lovely, and that’s gotten more than one would-be thief or.Jesse mostly just wanted a picture of the commander wearing it, he never expected Jack was so goddam sleep deprived all the time that he’d actually enjoy it. (Also for those of you that have no idea what the hell is going on here do yourself a favor and do a google image search for “ostrich.Cinder pouting because Jaune isn’t giving her the appropriate amount of love and affection that she demands on a daily basis Aster crowley patreon 4chan. Decided to combine yours and @arclight-knight ’s asks. Trust me, this happens a lot and it’s a very passive aggressive effort on Cinder’s part to make Jaune suffer.“pardon me if i’m out of place, my dear,” aziraphale says as they walk to the car, “but you haven’t been yourself.” crowley knows this, but he can’t believe aziraphale brought it up. what a wanker. he silently unlocks the car. “get in.” aziraphale does, albeit slightly huffily. Aster crowley patreon 4chan.

My sleep schedule sort of accidentally ended up like that of a responsible adult. One might even say an old person. I went to bed at 9:30 last night and woke up at 6 this morning. I realized that it’s Super Tuesday so I got all showered and dressed and was gonna go vote. Then in the process of.To: Dracula I may be a snack, but you're a whole-ass meal, my dear. He barks a laugh, clapping his hand over his eyes for a moment before tucking the note away. “Perhaps there is a way to test that theory of yours, but only if I first am allowed to confirm that I couldn’t make a ‘meal’ out.I'm sorry to bother you, but do things really get better? I'm 16 right now and everything I know is sadness and exhaustion and anger and then I talk to my parents and they just complain about adult lifeis it worth it to go on? oh gosh, i promise, it’s worth waiting, buddy. i know there are a.I am so glad that you do pencil drawing and watercolor still. Your work with the graphic art is really nice, but it’s also great to see that you’re still working with those other mediums. I love the softness of the pencil scene between Crowley and Aziraphale. That scene of singing between them.zero tolerance policy if I catch you you won't be able to ever reblog something else from this blog you've been warned this angers me so much I've already blocked several people today also I don't like people removing the lyrics to the songs posted here even though I won't block them for it just don't touch the caption okit’s valentine’s day fellas you know what that means??? it’s kevin day’s favourite day of the year other than the day the exy season starts!!! it’s the day he can be unapologetically cheesy w his boyfriends and they can’t do or say anything about it!!! it means he can gift neil flowers.Okay so you know how everyone (myself included) is making jokes about how Crowley and Aziraphale didn’t actually do anything?I love those posts because they’re a) funny and b) emphasize the thematic importance of humans—particularly the next generation of humans—being the ones to enact change.Dick knows he’s not the favorite child. Furthermore, he knows who the favorite is. He’s the only one who remembers Bruce as it was before Jason and after Jason. He remembers how Bruce was with Jason, how happy he was. He remembers Bruce without all that weight pressing on his shoulders, and he.And Crowley makes to leave but Aziraphale grabs him by the wrist and he doesn’t say anything, he just keeps his eyes on the dirt and his head bowed and he just hopes Crowley can understand because he can’t be alone right now and he can’t accept his part in this and he can’t understand and this time, somehow, ineffable just tastes like. Aster crowley patreon 4chan.

I love this picture of Deceit and Logan because they both look like two very aggiated parents in a meeting with a rude school princible. Like Deceit looks like a seriously pissed off mother who’s about to throw hands with some rude ass princible, and Logan looks like he’s the dad who knows what.Crowley’s barked complaint was flooded with irritation, and you couldn’t help but smile to yourself as you rounded the corner into the king’s court room. A minion was bent over a partially assembled crib, cowering as the imposing figure of the King towered over him. “I’m sure, sire. It’s.So I saw some speculation on that one shot of Steven in a hospital gown from the promo - specifically that as he jumps out of the chair, it kind of looks like there’s a lump on his side and that it may be an extra arm because of corruption. Personally I think it’s just the line of his leg and.I had a post that I just put up, but I decided to take it down as a new idea popped in my mind that makes much more sense to me… What if this is actually Chase we’re watching in this video? At first it gave me Anti vibes, because lets face it - that’s what we normally expect, but I feel like.Stardew Omens update: the Marital Home. Aziraphale has his library space and Crowley has his plant room. Just ignore the kegs in the kitchen, they’re getting a cellar built soon. The book nook at night because I love how cosy it’s come out.the worse climate disaster gets, the more you’ll see closet eugenicists start to advocate for letting people die. you need to be prepared to combat the ideology wherever you see it, because it’s only going to get worse and worse Read everything having to do with climate disaster critically. If.(( OOC: Hey peeps, just a quick reminder. If you’re following a blog that, over time, makes you feel more upset than happy, or creates more negativity in your life than positivity… you are not obligated to continue following them. I know negativity can be entertaining, and it feels good.Storytelling Eight Absurdities We Force on Female Characters August 4th, 2018 by Oren Ashkenazi. You see, the main problem with female characters is they're always doing colorful magic rituals.Polls. According to a poll of Americans in April 2017, about half (48%) thought there was a "deep state", defined as "military, intelligence and government officials who try to secretly manipulate government", while about a third (35%) of all participants thought it was a conspiracy theory and the remainder (17%) had no opinion. Aster crowley patreon 4chan.

Don’t let me wake up, Crowley begged silently. “I love you. I’ve always loved you.” Dream Aziraphale breathed the words against his lips and Crowley gasped them in, savoring the way they tasted on his tongue as he said them back. Don’t let me wake up. His arms carefully cradled the.The thing that’s frustrating about Clone Wars for me is that, because Disney only gave them 3 of the, like, 10 or so arcs that they had planned for this last season, even though the show’s finally getting its proper series finale, the show’s always gonna feel incomplete to some extent. Like.“Believe what, darling?” Aziraphale asks distractedly while fixing the cuffs of his dress shirt. Crowley grins and turns on his heels in front of the mirror, admiring his backside. “You actually made tartan look good!” Aziraphale turns to look at him and decides to let the indirect insult on.Get access to the Activity Feed and discuss the game with other Patrons, influence game development, so forth! Get access to the Discord channel! Future Fragments is a hybrid platforming/run 'n' gun/RPG game, with a science fiction/mystery theme. Here’s a summary of your objective/beginning of the.The count is here for you! Aaaaand he is kinda embarrassed. I wonder why? Anyway thank you for your request :3 The next picture is going to be Muriel F7 and again Lucio but F8. I’ll start as soon as I would be able to. And I’ve finally got request with Portia! Happy me. just wanted to let you.This request has been in my askbox for ages and I never got around to actually drawing it. I love this series. Been a fan of it for a little over 2 years now and I never actually drew anything for it. So here you go! Sun Jing and Qiu Tong from the Chinese manhua Their Story (Tamen De Gushi.Okay I love your art but I'm too nervous to make you fanart because I think you're too cool for my art if that makes any sense? Haha, I know that feeling very well! Any interactions with my fav artists were (and sometimes still are) always a struggle for me because I am afraid I would annoy them.I’ve been going over Phangs edits, and checking patreon insert characters against my list so I can match up where they appear in the book, and I’m just, I’m having the time of my life cause I can already imagine some of the reviews that are going to pop up on Amazon. “Great read but.‘oh yes, i do!! - i’m writing it as a romance, but you can see it as platonic pipercy too (well, most of it, i think) and piper always winks at the ‘a grown up woman should never fall so easily’ part cause percy always grins in return they’re just that chill and easy going couple who are. Aster crowley patreon 4chan.

Ethan isn’t much of a reader, but he loves to know what y/n is reading. So he always asks her to read a couple of paragraphs out loud before bed just so he can listen to her voice and hear the passion she has for the words tumbling from the page i’m soft he would definitely rest his head on.I know everyone loves the idea of taako’s last name being taaco but hear me out: when they apply to join the IPRE, taako and lup need last names, but they don’t know what name they want to take for themselves. They both finally decide to take the name of the most important person in their life. Aster crowley patreon 4chan.

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