Craygallery september patreon pack

Craygallery september patreon pack

August 2017 Patreon Pack and Updates. ~ Patreon didn't alert me that I had a fraud patron and they were retracting all their patronage dating back to Dec 2015. So.Include Patreon Artwork + NSFW content + (Alternate version) : - Sombra Overwatch. - Widows Maker Overwatch. - Ann Takamaki Persona 5. - Boa Hancock - One Piece.Here you can get my used brushes, psd files, artwork variants (NSFW), HD artworks perfect as wallpaper, playmats or prints, Hi res video recording (no voice over) to see in real time all my steps and learn my tricks the pack contains: -Brushes used for all pieces.To get this pack and all my other past content check out my Gumroad COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN PLEASE CHECK MY JOURNAL FOR INFO!! Yes! 35 Patreon exclusive images including NSFW material from January through September all in one nicely priced pack! If you're interested please take a look, if not more new art on the way! Thanks again! Craygallery september patreon pack.

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