Hazbin hotel headcanons tumblr

Hazbin hotel headcanons tumblr

Hazbin Hotel Headcanons; Charlie x Alastor Edition • Dramatic. In all the best ways of course, these two are music theatre nerds. • No really, it is a not a matter of if, but when these two will justI will be changing my tumblr name to Smiling-Moon. Or something along those lines. Request are still opened my friends! I’m going to start posting pictures and head canons of my Oc Chess (The beautiful man who is the icon for this blog). You can also ask Chess questions! Also I will be posting any other Hazbin Hotel art I might do.hazbin hotel hazbin hotel x reader x reader headcanons fluff headcanons fluff alastor alastor x reader PLATONIC hazbin hotel headcanon hazbin hotel alastor 155 notes Apr 7th, 2020Tom's judging you. hey~ I'm mod natsuki and I make headcanons! I'll write anything as long as it's not I'm too graphic [requests are open!] ♥tag's♥ nsfw : spicy angst : sad girl hours or angst fluf : flufGeneral Alastor Headcanons. Because I love him:- Entirely contrary to Angel Dust, who I see as a lightweight, Alastor can hold his liquor rather well Hazbin hotel headcanons tumblr.It is difficult for him to be affected by alcohol - he can withstand 32 shots of vodka and still be 100% sober.Hazbin Hotel Imagines. hazbin hotel hazbin lucifer hazbin lucifer hazbin hotel lucifer hazbin headcanons hazbin hotel headcanon headcanons. 11 notes Dec 31st.Hazbin Hotel Headcanons. Hello! This is a fan made headcanon blog for Vivziepop’s series: Hazbin Hotel! Just know that any harassment will not be tolerated.•Headcanons for Charlie x Alastor💞 •Message me for requests •Hate will be blocked! •Hazbin Hotel enthusiast •Artwork isn’t mine unless stated otherwise!Hazbin Hotel Headcanons. I’ve been mulling over information said in streams and content in the pilots to create a better understanding of the world Hazbin and Helluva take place in. While I haven’t watched all the streams, I still have my own ideas and headcanons of the world. Hazbin hotel headcanons tumblr.

Hell Hotel: Inverted, as the Hazbin Hotel is the only hotel in Hell that tries to reform their clientele so they can ascend up to Heaven. A Hell of a Time : Aside from all the things that make it a Crapsack World , Hell caters to every vice and fetish you can imagine, most of the background buildings are bars, brothels, casinos or nightclubs.[HAZBIN] MORE Sir Pentious X Reader Headcanons [A/N: My fixation is back baby! Here’s a bunch of headcanons I started writing months ago and only completed after the pilot.]“ THEORY: The Devil in “Hazbin Hotel” is also based on Archangel Samuel who was also called ‘Satan’ & was described as both Good and Evil, which could explain why Charlie is the way she is. Samuel was also said to have taken the Demon Lilith as a lover who is Charlie’s mother in the series.”-Submitted by Anonymoushazbin hotel hazbin asks headcanon headcanons alastor charlie husk alastor hazbin hotel hazbin hotel alastor charlie hazbin hotel hazbin hotel charlie husk hazbin hotel hazbin hotel husk anon Hazbin hotel headcanons tumblr. sleeplessdreamer14 liked thisSfw headcanons for Angel Dust, Husk, and Alastor with his s/o please? Do your best and welcome to the Hazbin Hotel fandom! I hope you'll enjoy your time here :) Angel Dust Angel isn’t one for lovealastor x reader hazbin hotel x reader alastor headcanons alastor imagine also like if yall wanna request stuff u should im off on break and got nothing to do this kinda long but i had a lot of feelings :’)Hazbin Hotel Hazbin-Hotel hazbinhotel alastor alastor headcanons alastorheadcanons alastor-headcanons headcanon AlastorxReader Alastor S/O scenarios Feb 18, 2020 boi-y-u-no-username liked thisHazbin Hotel Shenanigans. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. cause yall awful enablers, more charlastor headcanons.I'm very cautious about posting Hazbin related stuffs here so im kinda nervous :") wow! sexy hazbin hotel hazbin hotel fanart hazbin hotel vaggie fanart cartoon vivziepop 1,538 notes Dec 20th, 2019 Hazbin hotel headcanons tumblr.

Hazbin Hotel & Helluva Boss - One-Shots 16.1K 307 208 Last update: 9th December 2019 My Darling, Dear~ title inspired by "for the dancing and the dreaming" This is a book dedicated to VivziePop's characters from her upcomiI only do headcanons, oneshots, and matchups. Also, please remember to read list of fandoms I write for. HEADCANONS. 異 For headcanons, I only do three characters per ask. ONE-SHOTS. 異 For one-shots I only do one character per ask. 異 Please include prompts and a character! MATCHUPS. 異 There’s a maximum of three fandoms per ask for a.hazbin hotel hazbin hazbin hotel alastor hazbin hotel angel dust hazbin hotel charlie hazbin headcanons hazbin hotel headcanons alastor x reader angel dust x reader charlie x reader 387 notes Jan 3rd, 2020A writing blog for imagines, scenarios, and headcanons! ON TEMPORARY HIATUS Current Requests: 2 Buy Me a Coffee- buymeacoff.ee/zqmLtc2Q6 Hello! My name is Jay, and I decided to make this blog to take requests for all sort of writings, such as imagines, headcanons, and scenarios for a large array of characters from many different fandoms![A/N: Requested on Tumblr Hazbin hotel headcanons tumblr.]_____ Now keep it in mind that it’s the Radio Demon we’re talking about. A cruel, sadistic, cold-blooded sociopath, killer of thousands and torturer of many more wayward souls, his mind filled with unimaginable horrors he’s ready to unleash upon the world at anytime. Also the guy who decided to help out the princess of Hell with a project based on the.Hazbin Headcanons Pt. 6 When Charlie was a little girl, her mother would sing “Cheer Up, Charlie” from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory whenever she was upset. After she moved out of the house, Charlie would sometimes sing it to herself when she thought no one was looking.Angel Dust Headcanons •Angel does have a dirty mind but overdoes everything because he doesn’t know any better. Since he was in the mafia, they sometimes over-exaggerated things, so yeah, he has the habit to this day and believes that’s what the residents of hell want him to do. • He isn’t 8 feet tall. His boots make him like 2-3 feet.#hazbin hotel #hazbin hotel headcanons #charlie magne #angel dust #vaggie #alastor #niffty #chaggie #varlie #hazbin mimzy #crymini hazbin #baxter hazbin #hazbin hotel imagines #radiodust #husk x alastor x angel #niffty x baxter #charlie vaggie and angel #alastor husk and niffty #still have yet to come up with a name for these groups #i still.Misc. Hazbin Hotel Headcanons Niffty is the Deedee to Baxter’s Dexter; she peeks in on him sometimes when he’s working to make sure he’s alive, or sits and sews while he explains some new project he’s working on so he can catch what’s going wrong. Hazbin hotel headcanons tumblr.

hazbin hotel alastor hazbin hotel hazbin hotel fandom alastor x reader hazbin alastor hazbin x reader requests are open! all requests are anon 232 notes Jan 25th, 2020 Open in apphazbin alastor hazbin mimzy hazbin rosie alastor mimzy rosie hazbin headcanons headcanons hc yes i got carried away i know i might have also taken certain triats from me my mom and my wife 103 notes Jun 2nd, 2020Hazbin Hotel Headcanons Pt. 1 “Something on your mind, dearest?” Lilith pursed her lips and hesitated before asking, “Do you truly believe that Charlie’s hotel will succeed?” “Honestly?”More Hazbin Hotel Headcanons This one is a little bit of a large one and encompasses information in Helluva Boss, as both shows take place in the same world. It is clear that Helluva Boss will be showing more of the connection between the world of the living (Earth) and Hell, as the entire plot surrounds a company that prides itself in killing.Hi, I really like your art, and if you have the motivation or time, I need to see a human velvet with vox interacting in the hazbin hotel college au because they are one of my favorite characterspls go easy on me im trying my best [Requests: Open] [Requests In Inbox: 5] I currently write headcanons and matchups for Hazbin Hotel, Helluvaboss, Villainous, BNHA, and The Ancient Magus Bride; but feel free to ask/request whatever!Welcome to the Hazbin Hotel! Checking in? This is a blog dedicated to writing about the characters of the Hazbin Hotel. // Requests: Open // Don't follow if you're under 18.Hazbin Hotel headcanons and imagines. New Reading List. This is where I'll post my hazbin headcanons and imagines from my Tumblr blog thequeenofhazbinfluff. Please.Hazbin Hotel. Scenarios. Alastor · Bad Boy, Good Man · His Angel Part 1. Charlie · Into the Unknown Prologue (Male Reader) Headcanons · ‘Time Traveler’ S/O (Alastor) · Tall Boyfriend (Alastor, Sir Pentious) · Relationship Headcanons (Angel Dust, Husk, Alastor) · Relationship Headcanons (Sir Pentious) Hazbin hotel headcanons tumblr.

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